First in Fun: The Lowdown of Lift Kits (and More)!

If driving from point A to point B is becoming redundant for you—then taking the pedal to the metal off-road might be for you! This exhilarating hobby is loads of fun, but it can make for some extra wear and tear on your truck. No worries, you’re in luck! Upgrading your vehicle with a few off-roading necessities will ensure it dominates the dirt for many adventures to come.

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Flared Fenders


These are one of the basic accessories needed for the dirt and mud. Their purpose is to prevent rocks and any other large pieces of debris that get kicked up from damaging your truck. The bigger the tires you have, the bigger the fenders you’ll need. Having a flat tire when you’re deep in the outdoors with limited cell phone reception isn’t the safest situation.


Front Grille Guards


Very basic, but necessary—they protect your front grille! In addition to that, they also protect the headlights. Both aesthetically pleasing and functionally fantastic, the grille guard protects against any debris picked up and any vehicles in front of you and can protect the front end in a front end collision. Additionally, headlights can also be added to the grille guard, which is perfect for when you’re coming back from desolate off-roading areas as it begins to get dark.


A Lift Kit


When going off the pavement and asphalt, getting your truck lifted is arguably the most important thing you can do. Doing so enables you to have more ground clearance to get through places with rocks, bushes, and anything else without a second thought. A lift kit is also a huge help for approaches and angles. Simply put, an approach angle coincides with how steep of a hill you can climb, a break over angle is how angled of a crest you can drive over, and a departure angle is how steep of a grade you can drive down. The higher your truck is, the more ability it will have to master all of these angles.


Is your ride itching to take advantage of benefits like these to tackle the great outdoors? Great for you! We are a proud provider of lifts kits and all parts and accessories needed to tackle your next 4X4 adventure in Arizona! 

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