Engine Tune Up in Avondale, AZ

Engine Tune-Up in Avondale, AZ Larry H. Miller Dodge Ram Avondale

At Larry H. Miller Dodge Ram Avondale, we recognize the importance of regular engine tune-ups for important diagnostics and part replacements, as needed. Your vehicle might enjoy great health now, but even champion bodybuilders still go to the doctor every now and again for routine checkups; a tune-up follows the same concept for your SUV, pickup truck, sedan, or muscle car. Let us tell you about the top signs your engine may require a tune-up, so you know what to keep in mind before scheduling an engine tune-up at Larry H. Miller Dodge Ram Avondale.

Top Signs Your Engine May Require a Tune-Up

  • Decreased Fuel Economy: If you notice your Dodge Charger or Ram 2500 travels fewer miles than it used to between pumps, then you may want to consider a tune-up.
  • Stalling/Misfires: One of the most common signs of engine issues presents itself through the sounds of engine stalling and frequent misfires on the highway or when starting out the day in Arizona. If these problems persist, schedule a tune-up as soon as possible.
  • Warning Lights: Hopefully it may never come to this, but if you see the "service engine soon" or "Check Engine" dashboard warning lights, you must schedule an appointment for a tune-up as soon as you can. Failure to address the needs of these lights can cause your vehicle to fail AZ state inspection.
  • Increased Emissions: Along with engine stalling and decreased fuel economy, if you notice increased CO2 emissions from your Ram 1500 or Dodge Durango, consider a tune-up to address engine issues which may cause increased emissions.
  • Sudden Loss of Power: Once again, we hope it may never come to this, but if your car, truck, or SUV shuts off without warning, it could point to a sign of engine or even battery trouble. Consider a tune-up as soon as you can make it.

Schedule an Appointment Today

When your Dodge or Ram requires a tune-up, do not wait. Schedule a service appointment here at Larry H. Miller Dodge Ram Avondale and let us give your engine the care it deserves. While we have the car here, we may also give other important systems a quick check and diagnose any upcoming issues we find for your peace of mind and information. Schedule an appointment and come see us today in Avondale, AZ.


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