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Wield the Power of the 2017 Ram 3500

If you have your sights set on a pickup truck that can handle heavy-duty jobs, settle your crosshairs on the 2017 Ram 3500.

Stronger than its Ram 1500 and Ram 2500 brethren, the Ram 3500 truck is designed with your rugged, heavy-lifting lifestyle in mind. With a max payload of 7,390 pounds and an impressive max towing capacity of 31,210 pounds when properly equipped, this mammoth can handle almost any job.

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Get Your Vehicle Ready for Summer

Temperatures are heating up and will only keep getting hotter as we cruise into summer. While most people often think about getting their vehicle ready for winter, it's important to prepare your vehicle for the sun's rays. Especially if you have a summer road trip or two planned this summer!



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Great battery protection for your car

A car battery powers up all the car components so you can drive your car successfully. A car battery changes it's chemical energy to electrical energy. The car battery maintains your vehicle voltage levels how they suppose to be. One sign that your car battery needs to be replaced is when you start the car and makes s crackling sound. Another sign that your battery needs to be replaced is when your car shows the check engine light next to the miles per hour board. Another indicator that your car battery needs to be replaced is that the liquid…
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Ram Debuts New Longhorn Colors at Dallas Auto Show

Ram recently unveiled a new two-tone contrast exterior color for the Laramie Longhorn line of trucks at the Dallas Auto Show, introducing RV Match Walnut Brown -- which is replacing White Gold. The Laramie Longhorn edition is available throughout the entire Ram pickup lineup, including 1500, 2500 and 3500 Heavy Duty models.


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Dodge Partners with Universal Pictures for "The Fate of the Furious"

Since the Fast & Furious franchise was first introduced Dodge has played a vital role in the series, so it's no surprise that the company recently announced that it will conduct a promotional multitier campaign for the the newest chapter in the story when The Fate of the Furious is released on April 14.


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What to Do When Your Windshield Cracks?

If your windshield becomes cracked, it is essential to have your windshield repaired as quickly as possible. There are several different factors which may lead to a cracked windshield such as; adverse weather conditions, falling debris, road obstructions/rocks, or repair issues.

Even minor nicks and holes in your windshield could spread and require a full replacement of your windshield. Some factors will particularly exacerbate a nicked windshield such as turning on your windshield heater or trying to repair your windshield yourself...

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Here Is Why You Should Not Ignore Your Check Engine Light

You suddenly realize that your check engine light is on, but you may not know why. It is important not to ignore the check engine light if it comes on your vehicle. Think of the check engine light as a warning signal, telling you that there is an issue with your vehicle. Now, let's look at one of the steps to take if your check engine light is on.

Check Engine Light On

The first thing that you can do is once you get to your destination, get out of your vehicle and check to see if the gas…

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